Pan-fried Wild Mushrooms in Birch Syrup

Pan-fried Wild Mushrooms in Birch Syrup

Mushrooms are packed with nutrients and flavors that get the right notes with this recipe. Created to be the ultimate family recipe, the pan-fried wild mushrooms have crunchy sides and a moist interior that oozes out flavor once you take a bite into it. This recipe is a great way to introduce mushrooms to your pick-eater kids; they are certainly going to love the assemble!

What makes this recipe so special is the shiny coating of flavors, the generous drizzle of ESCUMINAC birch syrup, and mind-blowing spices. You can make this recipe any time of the year and enjoy a hearty meal with your loved ones. However, ensure that the mushrooms you are using are fresh and have been cleaned properly at least 30 minutes prior to cooking. This will ensure they retain their freshness and let go of excess water.


  • 10 grams of finely chopped shallots for texture
  • 50 grams of wild mushrooms, thoroughly cleaned and dried
  • 50 ml white wine for that smokey, deep flavor profile.
  • 150 ml veal stock that allows for thorough cooking of the
  • 15 ml of ESCUMINAC birch syrup for the deep, refreshing dash of taste.
  • Salt and pepper as per taste.


  • Lightly fry the shallots in a knob of butter. Make sure the shallots are not cooked thoroughly and retain their crunchy texture.
  • Add the mushrooms and sweat them. This step is essential to ensure no water is left in the mushrooms before spices are added.
  • Deglaze the pan with white wine and reduce by half. Be gentle at this stage and do not rush into the process.
  • Add the veal stock and stew gently. The aim is to enhance the flavors.
  • Reduce the stock by about half. You can gently stir in between.
  • Add the ESCUMINAC birch syrup to finish the sauce preparation. Simmer it for a few minutes.
  • Add salt and pepper for flavor. Check the seasoning before serving. You can add a pinch of cilantro for aroma and to enhance the flavor.
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