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Extra Rare

Extra Rare

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  • Single Forest
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Carbon Neutral
  • ZERO ADDITIVES: Pure Canadian Maple Syrup
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Golden in color, it is the mildest in our range. This pure maple syrup is produced exclusively with sap harvested during the first days of the run. It is light in the mouth, featuring a subtle caramel and honeysuckle bouquet with a hint of cinnamon and a lingering flavour.

Érablière Escuminac is certified carbon neutral, which means that it has eliminated net greenhouse gas emissions from its business activities. We take great pride in giving back to the generous nature we work with everyday by reducing our ecological footprint.

Canada Grade A Pure Organic Maple Syrup - Amber, Riche Taste

  • 100% Pure Unblended Canadian maple syrup (Grade A)
  • 100% traceable from forest to plate. Gluten free and vegan, 100% certified USDA Organic, Canada Organic NO additives, NO preservatives, NO artificial flavours. An absolute unforgettable taste!
  • Grade A maple syrup from Quebec, Canada. Great as a pancake syrup, on desserts and in drinks. 

Storage: 3 years in a cellar – 6 to 12 months once opened – Keep refrigerated after opening.


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What is extra rare maple syrup?

Extra rare maple syrup is considered one of the most premium and distinct maple syrups. It is produced in fewer quantities as the production process is unique and laborious, contributing to the enhanced flavour.

What is so special about extra rare maple syrup?

The extra rare maple syrup is considered unique as it is a rare product produced with the help of specially harvested maple trees, which grow only under specific conditions and provide a unique taste.

What is the taste of extra rare maple syrup?

The taste of extra rare maple syrup is highly sophisticated. It blends the flavours of vanilla, caramel and a hint of certain spices to create a subtle indulgence for your taste buds. The texture is also thicker than that of generic maple syrup.


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