Érablière Escuminac was the recipient of many prestigious awards for its superior quality products. Discover some here.


Great Taste Award, 2017–2018 

The Great Taste Award, organized by the Guild of Fine Food, is a distinguished competition for fine and specialized food products. It has been described as the Oscars of the food world and the epicurean equivalent of the Booker prize.

It is therefore a great honour to be awarded this prize, only given to the most flavourful and esteemed products of the planet.

Érablière Escuminac products have been featured more than once:

  • Escuminac Organic Maple syrup Late Harvest, 1 star, 2017
  • Escuminac Organic Maple butter, 1 star, 2017
  • Escuminac Organic Maple syrup Extra Rare, 2 stars, 2018
  • Escuminac Organic cherrywood syrup, 1 star, 2018


Ordre national du mérite agricole, 2014

The Ordre national du mérite agricole (ONMA) contest is a high-profile event dedicated to agricultural businesses.

Representing the highest honour given to men and women committed to their agricultural business, the Ordre national du mérite agricole is a true institution in Québec’s agricultural sphere. Created in 1889, this competition promotes the excellence and development of a dynamic, innovative and cost-effective agrifood industry. It recognizes the love of the craft, the determination and resourcefulness of Québec producers. (Source: Ordre national du mérite agricole)


Organic harvesting

Érablière Escuminac’s he production of organic maple syrup is characterized by management practices which respect the sugar wood and its ecosystem. Other species of trees were conserved when the harvest sites were set up. Authorized soil improvers in the sugar wood are wood ash, agricultural lime and certain natural fertilizers. Producing an organic maple syrup involves bringing everything to bear to minimize contamination so that the characteristic flavour of maple syrup is always predominant. Organic certification requires following a very rigorous specification and constant updating of production logs with precise data.


Martin Malenfant’s passion and his interest for ecological practices allow Érablière Escuminac to leave its mark in the country’s agro-food history by putting on the market a unique concept, an ORGANIC terroir syrup.


Organic certification & quality standards

Since 2006, Érablière Escuminac’s maple syrup is certified organic by Ecocert Canada, an independent organism licensed by the Conseil des appellations réservées et des termes valorisants (CARTV), acting as competent authority on behalf of the Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec (MAPAQ).  This certification guaranties that Érablière Escuminac scrupulously respects the norms of the strict rule book, and this at every level of production: forest management, tree tapping, sap collection, storage, transformation and equipment cleaning.


New in the sphere of Yellow Birch syrup, Érablière Escouminac truly believes in the important meaning that an organic certification confers, at the local as well as at the national and international levels. That is why the business has worked together with Ecocert Canada in the creation of a rule book specifically for this precious nectar. In truth, no norm existed before Érablière Escuminac began producing of cherry wood (yellow birch) syrup.


Ecocert Canada, by way of its certification program, declares that the methods used by the company for production, preparation, and commercialization of the products listed below are compliant with the following frames of reference: Ecocert Canada, AB, Eurofeuilles, USDA Organic, JAS Ecocert.