Trout and Parsnips, Lemon Confit and Maple Syrup

Trout and Parsnips, Lemon Confit and Maple Syrup

For anyone wanting a fresh and exciting take on sea fare, look no further! It’s not a revolutionary notion that lemon and fish are a timeless pairing, but we’ve decided to up the ante with it by going a step further. 
By adding maple syrup to the lemon confit, one is adding yet another taste dimension to the trout fillets. The richer accents of Escuminac’s single-forest maple syrup highlight the trout’s natural tastes while dancing playfully with the lemon in the confit. 


  •  * 8 skinless trout fillets, boned – Guérande coarse salt.
  •  * 2 bunches of baby leeks
  •  * 1kg of fennel
  •  * 100g of Italian rocket
  •  * ¼ bunch of bergamot
  •  * Olive oil
  •  * Guérande coarse salt
  •  * 5 lemons
  •  * 15cl ESCUMINAC Maple Syrup
  •  * 15cl yuzu juice
  •  * 1kg parsnips
  •  * 1 litre milk
  •  * Fleur de sel and ground pepper
  •  * 8 thin slices of French rustic bread
  •  * 10cl vegetable stock
  •  * 10cl vegetable stock


  1. TROUT – Place the fillets in Guérande coarse salt for 10 mins. Then rinse well.
  2. Wash the baby leeks, and blanch for 30 secs. Then brown them in a few drops of olive oil. Cook the fennel in a salt crust for 45 mins. à 180 °C then let them rest for 15 mins., away from the oven. Break the salt crust of the fennel, place them on a baking tray, cover with tinfoil for 20 mins. Remove the outer layers then cut into quarters. Tail ¼ of a bunch of bergamot, then chop finely. Wash the Italian rocket.
  3. LEMONS CONFITS – Remove the lemon zest, scrape off any excess white membrane. Blanch twice in cold water. In a cocotte, heat the ESCUMINAC Maple Syrup, add the zest and cook in an oven switched off at 180 °C. Let cook for one minute. Dice the zests and add a little yuzu.
  4. CREAMED PARSNIPS – Cut the peeled parsnips into large cubes. In a pan, cook the parsnips in the milk. When the milk boils, change the pan and continue cooking at a low heat for 30 mins. When the vegetables are cooked, take them out and mix them with some of the milk from cooking. Retain the rest of the milk to make an emulsion to mix with some pureed parsnip, right at the end.
  5. TO FINISH & PRESENT – Place the trout fillets on the slices of bread and roast them in a non-stick pan with a drizzle of olive oil. Cook on a low heat until the bread is golden and the centre of the trout is still pink. Tail the bergamot and chop it finely. Wash the rocket, and season it with a drizzle of olive oil. Place the trout in the centre of the plate. Place the fennel and leeks on it. Add the bergamot and rocket. Finish with the emulsion made with the rest of the cooking milk and some pureed parsnip.
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