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Martin Malenfant has been in the maple syrup industry since early childhood. As a young child, he explored the sugar bushes on his grandparent’s lands, fascinated by the forces and beauty of nature. He acquired his first sugar shack in Ste-Rita, in 1987. After many years of work, research and innovation, Martin Malenfant establishes Érablière Escuminac.

Érablière Escuminac was established in 1998 when Martin Malenfant decided to set up his sugar bush on a century-old maple-growing area of 500 hectares at Escuminac in the Baie-des-Chaleurs in Gaspésie. This land has a particular feature: it also includes one of the finest mature yellow birch forests in Quebec. Martin Malenfant wanted to produce a high-quality syrup while respecting the environment, working in harmony with nature. The maple grower’s mission was to produce a superior quality, uncompromising organic syrup! Since 1998, he has implemented a strict plan of management of his sugar bush and high standards of production. In 2006, he finally received his organic certification.

Maple Syrup from FarmM

Martin Malenfant is a third-generation maple syrup producer. He possesses a unique expertise, boasting more than 35 years of experience in maple syrup production. Martin Malenfant is without a doubt one of the master producers of maple syrup in Québec. A superstar!

Today, Érablière Escuminac operates 65,000 taps dedicated to organic maple syrup and 5,000 taps for production of organic birch sap.

[...] Martin Malenfant veut produire du sirop de qualité dans le plus grand respect de l'environnement [...]

En 2016, L’érablière met en marché une ligne de produit unique, qui ce veut un nouveau concept, dans l’industrie du sirop d’érable. Fortement inspirer de ce qui ce fait dans le monde du vin. L’équipe d’Escuminac était persuadée que le terroir et le savoir-faire sont les deux composantes essentielles à un sirop de top qualité. 3 récoltes on été identifié, tous produit par Martin Malenfant et embouteillé à l’érablière. Chacune des récoltes a sa propre personnalité et sont exporté actuellement dans plus de 10 pays et ils se retrouvent sur les plus belles tables du monde. Que du bonheurs!