Escuminac's Top 3 Recipes for the Holidays

Escuminac's Top 3 Recipes for the Holidays

The holidays season is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate this magical time of year than with gourmet, refined recipes?

To help you treat your loved ones, we've selected the three best recipes from our blog, a veritable culinary nugget.

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and surprise your guests with these festive delights.

1.  Our succulent holiday log

Christmas Log Escuminac
This love-filled goodness is the ultimate way to bring together good memories and hope together. Made using a carefully selected range of ingredients, this recipe hits the right spot and deserves a space in your traditional family recipe book. What makes this recipe particularly special and soul-satisfying is the generous use of Escuminac Late Harvest maple syrup, Escuminac Very Dark maple syrup, and heavy whipping cream. The recipe is dense and the perfect way to enjoy the holiday season. Notably, the recipe takes ample time to come together, giving an opportunity for family and friends to bond & spend quality time together.

2. Our appetizer to please all your guests

Bourbon jam croustini

This conversation starter is an amazing way to get strangers together. Whether your friends are meeting for a first-time family dinner or you are hosting a housewarming party during the holiday season, rest assured that our take on the Bourbon Bacon Jam Crostini. The dash of vinegar effortlessly balances the flavor. Made with love and surplus Creamy Brie Cheese for a smooth texture, Escuminac Maple Syrup is the secret ingredient that will make people ask for more. The recipe is incredibly simple to put together, and it ensures your guests have warmed up for the main course to be served.

3. Our late-night Maple Irish coffee

Maple Irish Coffee

These exclusive Escuminac recipes will delight your guests and add a unique touch to your festivities.

Happy gourmet holidays!

The Maple Irish coffee is a must for the nights when you are looking to rejuvenate yourself. The beverage imparts spicey, coffee-laced, and whiskey tints that are incredibly refreshing. The recipe is incredibly easy to make and comes together in absolutely no time. The best thing? The Escuminac pure maple syrup adds an earthy taste to the beverage you are making. While Irish coffee is known for its impeccable utilization of whisky, this recipe embodies the goodness that this beverage can get. The heavy cream and a pinch of ground cinnamon give this beverage a holiday feel that you can enjoy any time of the year.



Maple from Canada    Érable du Québec



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