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Érablière Escuminac is now carbon neutral

Érablière Escuminac is now carbon neutral!

If you are an environmentally conscious gourmet, you will be delighted to learn that Érablière Escuminac is now carbon neutral! What does this mean? It means that we have taken all the necessary measures to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions and compensate for those that could not be reduced. So how did we do it? Let's take a closer look.
1. What is carbon neutrality (carbon neutral) and how does it work?
Érablière Escuminac is now certified carbon neutral, which means that it has eliminated net greenhouse gas emissions from its business operations. The carbon neutral certification can be achieved in two ways: by reducing its greenhouse gas generating activities or by purchasing carbon credits to offset its environmental impact.
2. Érablière Escuminac's path to carbon neutral certification
Érablière Escuminac has always been concerned about protecting the environment. Our activity comes from the forest, and we know that it is very important to protect our resources to continue to appreciate them for a long time.
One of the major steps in becoming carbon neutral was the replacement of our evaporator. While the company previously used wood pellets for heating, which is already much better than other companies that use wood, they now take advantage of steam.
You read that right! Escuminac uses the steam generated by the evaporation of its maple water as energy to boil the water and transform it into maple syrup. A technique that uses very little energy and that protects the environment.
3. The advantages of being carbon neutral accredited
First, it is a source of pride for the entire company and its employees, because respect for the environment is an important value at Érablière Escuminac.
Secondly, it is an effort that allows us to offer the consumer a choice that respects the environment.
Finally, it is about being consistent with our long-term vision. Protecting the environment today will allow us to enjoy it for a long time to come. As a family business, Érablière Escuminac wants to make every effort to leave a healthy planet to future generations. When the grandchildren of Martin, our owner, come for a walk in the forest, we can proudly tell them about our efforts to protect the magnificent nature around us.
So when you buy maple syrup (or any other products) from Érablière Escuminac, not only do you get a delicious product, but you can be assured that it was produced with minimal impact on the environment. By offsetting our emissions, we are helping to create a sustainable future not only for ourselves, but for everyone else.
Érablière Escuminac is now carbon neutral