5 easy way to replace refined sugar by maple syrup

5 easy way to replace refined sugar by maple syrup

Whether you want to substitute refined sugar for maple syrup because you are concerned about your health or just because you enjoy the taste, you certainly won’t regret it.

Maple syrup is a natural sweetener that comes from the maple sap harvested directly from the trees. It is 100% pure, natural and unprocessed – no additives added.

Escuminac maple syrup is traceable from tree to plate and certified organic, our way to guarantee you are only feeding the best to your body.

And we have to admit, it is also a delicious alternative to sugar…

Here are 5 ways you can use maple syrup instead of refined sugar.


An easy way to substitute white sugar by maple syrup is to use it in your favorite recipes. Cakes, cupcakes and cookies will only get healthier, with a hint of maple that tastes like heaven. A good reason to indulge in sweet treats… guilt free.


  • A cup of sugar is replaced by about ¾ cup of maple syrup
  • You can also reduce the other liquids of the recipe by about 3 tablespoons for every cup of maple syrup used.

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Some people aren’t completely awake before they have 1 or 2 cup(s) of coffee. If you are amongst them, this trick is for you.

Adding sugar to your coffee once or twice a day may seem like almost nothing, but quantities add up. Imagine how much sugar that is per month, or per year.

Replacing it with a dash of maple syrup will give you that sweet flavor you are looking for, and clear conscience as a bonus.


Some people use brown sugar, some prefer white. Doesn’t matter what team you are in, because you will fall in love with a good maple oatmeal.

Sweet and healthy, that sounds like a perfect breakfast to us.


Maple syrup perfectly pairs with homemade vinaigrettes. Replacing sugar with maple syrup will add depth in flavour.

Our favorite is olive oil, balsamic vinegar and maple syrup for an oustanding salad.


Surprise your guests with a new lemonade flavour they will love and sweeten your lemonade with Escuminac maple syrup. Healthy and fancy!

Get creative

There are hundreds of ways to replace refined sugar by maple syrup and we hope we inspired you with these 5.

When you want to indulge and spoil yourself to a tasty treat, but without any compromise on your health, maple syrup is your best ally.

How do you diminish your refined sugar consumption? Tell us by e-mail!

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